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Each candidate must:
– be natural female;
– be between 18 and 28 years old (the organizers reserve the right to admit older contestants);
– be good looking;
– had never been convicted of any kind of crime;
– had never posed or acted in situations that could be contrary to common morality;
– be a citizen (or legally resident) in the represented country;
– be able to communicate in at least one language between Italian, English and Spanish;
– be in good health or, if suffering from illnesses or allergies, declare them on the registration form and bring any necessary medicines;
– elaborate a project on the topic assigned by the organizers to the nation represented.

Married, mothers, divorced, etc. delegates can participate.
None of them will be discriminated.

The Miss Progress International Organization ensures the following services for the entire duration of the final phase:
– airport/hotel shuttles;
– local transport during the event;
– comfortable hotel accommodation and three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner);
– assistance provided by multilingual female chaperones.


Each admitted contestant will be interviewed by the members of the jury that will carry out the evaluation on the basis of the following criteria, all equally important:
– contents of the project;
– project feasibility;
– communication skills.

Furthermore, during the event, all participants will be subject to careful observation, with particular attention to:
– the aptitude to dialogue and socialize with the other contestants;
– compliance with the rules and instructions provided by the Organization;
– punctuality.