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29 May 2023

Women for Progress: the evolution of the format on sustainable development

Women for Progress: the evolution of the format on sustainable development

A new website for the competition focusing on Environment, Health and Human Rights, created by the Italian cultural association In Progress. The ninth edition will take place next September in Puglia.

TARANTO – From “Miss Progress International” to “Women for Progress” in pursuit of sustainable development goals. The contest features young women from all over the world and their projects on the environment, health and human rights and breaks away from the canonical beauty contests, even in name, to fully decline its identity.
The announcement was made by the Italian cultural association In Progress, the worldwide exclusivist and holder of all the rights of the contest, during the presentation of the new website, published in three languages (Italian, English, Spanish) in which to find all the information and news and also to apply to participate in the ninth edition to be held in September in Salento, the Southern area of Puglia, Italy.
“Let’s make the world a better place to live in” is the ambitious slogan of In Progress, the nonprofit association founded in 2009 by Giusy Nobile and Giuseppe Borrillo.
Already six years before 193 member countries of the United Nations signed on to the 2030 Agenda and its seventeen constituent goals, the close-knit group of volunteers who joined the founders created Miss Progress International, the format designed to raise awareness of the world’s ever-present issues.
Over the course of previous editions, more than 200 Ambassadors of Progress from five continents have had the opportunity to give voice to as many little-known realities deserving of a solution.
“To avoid misunderstandings,” recounts the president, Giusy Nobile, “the title of the event has been changed to Women for Progress, which is certainly more suited to its content and purpose.”.
No change, on the other hand, for the competition, whose popularity has grown stronger and stronger over the years. The jury, in fact, will continue to evaluate the projects competing in Miss Progress International and will award the author who has submitted the best proposal in terms of content and feasibility.
The new website looks its best: in fact, on the main page some video sequences testifying to the implementation of the winning projects in various parts of the world are immediately visible.
“In the special section dedicated to the competition,” adds director Giuseppe Borrillo, “it will be possible to see the reports of all the previous editions, and soon we will also publish the results of the excellent work done by the current title holder.”.
He refers to Francesca Speranza, who won in 2022 (first time for an Italian) thanks to her self-sustainable urban agriculture project.
At Villa Giaquinto, a public garden in her hometown, Caserta, fruits have already been harvested and will soon be turned into jams in a building confiscated from the Camorra.

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