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12 April 2014

FREE calls and internet for the contestants of MISS PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL 2014!

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Great news for all the Ambassadors of Progress that will attend the 2014 edition of the event in Puglia, Italy, next may 9-18!

The telephone mobile company Tre, through one of its official dealer, Mignini Srl of Taranto, as a sponsor will give FOR FREE to each contestant a USIM (usable by only those who have a GSM telephone) with 10 EUR of pre-charged credit and 2GB of free internet connection!!! On each USIM will be activated “Welcome to Italy”, a very special rate to call the country of origin. Rates are different according to the following table (the nations are written in Italian but they are all comprehensible). Unfortunately not all of the countries that will be represented have a special rate, but with those 10 EUR your delegate will be able to make at least a couple of long distance calls for free during her stay. 

the "Welcome to Italy" by TRE table of rates
the “Welcome to Italy” by TRE table of rates


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