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2 September 2014


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Carried out the project of the winner of the first edition of Miss Progress International. Distributed in the Municipality of Kinondoni objects indispensable for the albino community of Chalinze.

Dar es Salaam – It’s hard to tear them a smile. They live in communities under close supervision because even today, because of the absurd beliefs rooted in the minds of some, they are forced to live marginalized and monitored, in order to avoid the vile attacks of which they are often the victims.

In Tanzania, the PWA (persons with albinism) rise to the forefront of the news only when stroke by possessed people who mutilate them, in order to complete ignoble “magical rites”. Despite the efforts of non-governmental organizations (among them, the “Under the same sun”) it is still impossible for them to move away from the community without an escort.

A few days ago a delegation of albino living in Chalinze received the materials sent by the Associazione Culturale In Progress of San Giorgio Ionico (Italy), organizer of Miss Progress International, an event unique in the world that rewards the contestants for their social commitment.
The winner of the first edition, Julieth Lugembe, took the title thanks to her project in support of the albino in her country, Tanzania.

The delivery of the aid to the albino
The delivery of the aid to the albino

Julieth has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl and so was her sister Valentina to take care of the delivery of sunglasses, hats, sunscreen protections, t-shirts, school tools and toys. The ceremony was held in the building of the municipal district of Kinondoni, agglomeration of more than two million inhabitants in the north of the capital Dar es Salaam.

Some children from the community of Chalinze
Some children from the community of Chalinze

Certainly the work of the association In Progress did not solve a problem whose scope is still too big, as much as the territory of Tanzania but, surely, for a few dozen of the many albinos who live there in hardship and fear there was a good opportunity to smile.

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