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9 May 2015

Manduria and the GAL welcome Miss Progress International

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LEUCA, 9 de mayo – The representatives of the five continents have reached today the capital of Primitivo wine and ventured through the alleys of the old town. Among the ancient Roman walls and fascinating buildings of later periods, there were many times dedicated to the souvenir photo.

in Piazza Garibaldi at Manduria
in Piazza Garibaldi at Manduria

The tour ended at the Palace of Servite, in whose cloister has been put at their disposal everything necessary to make cakes, bagels and pasta, under the wise guidance of the chef Clemente and a team of employees made available by the Gal Terre del Primitivo. Seeing the beautiful special guests engaged in the preparation of recipes of the best local cuisine was fun and, above all, effective in conveying their knowledge on the healthy Mediterranean diet.

gal 2 gal 1
The day ended with a dinner show opened by “pizzica” dance by Leonardo Moscogiuri and Giulia Dalemmo and cheered by the Giuseppe Mazza & Antonio Nisi quartet. Giuseppe Borrillo, director of Miss Progress International, turned out to be a skilled auctioneer, as the sale of the items carried by the Ambassadors of Progress earned 675 eur that the cultural association In Progress will entirely transfer to the Italian Red Cross, asking to donate everything for the people of Nepal.

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