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4 November 2015

New logo for Miss Progress International

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Thanks to the new design, the event’s brand now emphasizes its uniqueness and the role of the Ambassadors of Progress, awarded for their social and humanitarian projects.

After the huge success of the first three editions of Miss Progress International, the competition dedicated to Environment, Health, Human Rights and Cultural Integration, the cultural association In Progress decided it was the right time to give the event an even more specific image.
The new logo of Miss Progress International has been redesigned by Massimo Cerbera, CEO of Illusia Film Studio, another partner of the event, and Giuseppe Borrillo, the pageant director.

“To be honest – confesses Borrillo – me and the art of drawing are poles apart but Massimo was able to turn our ideas into a brand that is now able to express, without upheavals, the concept of Miss Progress International” .

The new female figure, stylized, seems to want to lift with love the globe, represented by meridians and parallels. In the new design the colors of the previous mark remain the same.

The new logo of Miss Progress International
The new logo of Miss Progress International

“Year after year – adds Giusy Nobile, the president – our event grows in popularity. This allows our Ambassadors of Progress, who through their projects give voice to facts and issues often unknown, to find a possible solution, with the support of the media around the world. ”

Surely the objective was reached, since the aim of Miss Progress International is to enhance the essential role of the women in transmitting messages of brotherhood and solidarity at all latitudes, contributing, one step at a time, to make the world a place best place to live.

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