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25 September 2016

A cruise between the two seas for the Ambassadors of Progress

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A perfect day to break the ice: lots of sunshine for the morning cruise between the Ionian and the  Adriatic seas, a refreshing ice cream at Martinucci’s in the afternoon and everyone denacing to greet the summer.

LEUCA – Despite the weather forecast, this year the sun has illuminated the cruise between the two seas that the group of Miss Progress 2016 did on board the “Alexander” thanks to the collaboration of the Consorzio Mari d’Oriente. The mild temperature of the water has also allowed a swim in the crystal clear waters just off the “Three Doors” caves, which have enchanted these travelers from all over the world.

In the afternoon the group moved to Specchia, for a visit to one of the most beautiful old towns in Italy and a detour to the workshop of master pastry chefs Martinucci, letterally stormed to taste their delicious ice cream.

walking in Specchia
walking in Specchia

The contestants were presented one by one by Giuseppe Borrillo to the public of the gala dinner hosted by the Messapia Hotel to celebrate the farewell to summer, then went to the pool with an evening party that has definitely made it possible to break the ice between the members of the multi-ethnic group.

at Martinucci's
at Martinucci’s
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