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28 September 2016

Alberobello, Martina Franca and a… “divine pizza”

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The mayor Longo welcomed the competitors in the council chamber of the “town of trulli”. In the capital of Valle d’Itria a lunch with pizza, very appreciated and literally devoured by all.

MARTINA FRANCA – And also today the contestants of Miss Progress International 2016 have not gone unnoticed. In their gaudy uniforms, the crowd of Alberobello’s patronal feast has often called them for a photo.

The mayor, Michele Longo, then welcomed them in the council chamber, in the presence of the cameras of Canale 85.

The walk among the trulli and the “obvious” shopping of souvenirs preceded the lunch of … “Divine Pizza“, which is not only the name of the restaurant run by the pretty Albanian couple of  Arjan and Lady, but also the comments of all after eating the local food.

Before returning to the hotel, a walk through the narrow streets of Martina Franca, the capital of Itria Valley.


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