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17 October 2017

Other pieces of history, the trullos of Alerobello and the ancient jobs in bycicle

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Also this year Alberobello enchanted with its beauty, as well as the bycicles of the museum of old crafts.

MARUGGIO – Today it has been a long day, started with a visit to the trullos of Alberobello. For some of the contestants it seemed to be an impossible name to pronounce but, after being charmed by the cone roofs and the coloured alleys, they will not forget it anymore. For Giusy and Giuseppe’s team, it was also difficult to observe the scheduled program because the “hunt to souvenirs” was almost uncontrollable.

at Alberobello, UNNESCO world heritage

Lunch was served by the Victoria Bakery’s team, inaugurated by Denis and Annalisa just five months ago. At the buffet with local specialties a succulent cheese cake was added and disappeared in less than a minute.

with Annalisa and Denis, owners of Victoria Bakery

Half an hour later, the group arrived at the Museum of the old crafts in bycicle of San Giorgio Ionico where the mayor, Mino Fabbiano, the Culture advisor, Luciano Cinieri, and Pasquale Tripiedi, whose passion brought to the incredible collection of memoirs of the last century, welcomed the Ambassadors of Progress.

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