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30 September 2019

The interviews with the jury and the dinner of national directors

los Directores Nacionales con Giusy Nobile y Giuseppe Borrillo

One by one the competitors presented themselves to the jurors to describe their projects. Filming of the commercial against violence against women. At dinner the awards for the national directors.

MARUGGIO – Perfectly made-up by the artists of Gil Cagné and combed by the Infinity Hairdressers team, all the contestants presented themselves, in their traditional costumes, at the jury table.

Giuseppe Borrillo, director of the competition, was assisted in the difficult task by nutritionist Edoardo Giacovazzo, entrepreneur Iolanda Lotta, magistrate Salvatore Cosentino, the Brazilian actor George Sada and Julieth Lugembe (Tanzania), winner of the first edition of Miss Progress International.

the jury

Antonio Zanata and Carlo Barbalucca, during the day, continued with the production of the reportages and with the creation of the “No means no” commercial against violence against women.

the National Directors with Giusy Nobile and Giuseppe Borrillo

The works were completed just before the dinner dedicated to the many national directors, to whom Giusy Nobile delivered the traditional souvenir plaque.

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