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9 August 2020

Miss Progress International 2021 will return to Puglia next spring 

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Castellaneta and the lands of the star of the silent films Rudolph Valentino will host the Ambassadors of Progress from 21 to 30 May. Vanesa, the Colombian titleholder, is carrying out the project that led her to victory in 2019.

CASTELLANETA (TA) – The organizational machine of Miss Progress International-Women for Progress, the only event in the world that features women of all ethnicities, religious beliefs and social backgrounds thanks to their commitment to the Environment, Health and Human rights, restarts.

For ten days, from 21 to 30 May, the international delegations from the five continents will be engaged in the discovery of the territory of Castellaneta, the birthplace of the great star of the Twenties’ silent films Rudolph Valentino, and on excursions to Bari, Matera and the enchanting Itria Valley.

Giusy Nobile, president of the cultural association In Progress which holds the rights of the event worldwide, and Giuseppe Borrillo, director of the competition that reaches its eighth edition, presented a sixty seconds teaser announcing the new dates (video:“After the forced break to which the pandemic forced the whole world – says Giusy Nobile – we sent our contacts abroad useful information to start working and choose the right candidate to represent their country”.

Vanesa, Miss Progress International 2019, with the Yaguas in the Colombian Amazon

Meanwhile Vanesa Giraldo Lopez, Vanesa Giraldo Lopez, the Colombian who won the 2019 edition, continues, with her Fundacion Almagua and with the financial support of the organizers of the event, to work on the reforestation project of the Colombian Amazon and financial self-sustenance of the indigenous tribe of the Yagua who live in that area.

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