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10 September 2022

First approach to the territory and its sweet delights

scatenati alla Masseria Rottacapozza!

A quiet day for the multi-ethnic group that has to work off the fatigue of the journey. In the afternoon, a stroll on the seafront with tasting of the famous sweet “pasticciotto”.

SANTA MARIA DI LEUCA – A quiet morning, which started very lightly with the welcome speech, the delivery of sashes and uniforms and the presentation of the programme, served to dispel some of the jet-lag for those delegations that reached Apulia after ten, twenty or more hours of travel.

before the briefing: sashes and uniforms ready for delivery

It was only in the afternoon that the group moved on to Leuca: after the “mandatory” selfies at the lighthouse and a visit to the sanctuary, the stroll along the seafront ended with a stop at Martinucci’s bar. Not only cappuccinos and coffee but also ice cream and lots of freshly baked pasticciotti from the well-known pastry chefs who delighted everyone’s palate.

ice cream and pastry for everyone at Martinucci’s

In the evening, a snack and lots of dancing at Masseria Rottacapozza and a toast at the Fuori Vigneto disco in Gallipoli.

“gone wild” at Masseria Rottacapozza!
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